Trevor Dann: Lecture Man

Find out about Trevor's opening lecture at the University of Lincoln

With one of his many hats on, the proprietor of this lovely establishment is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Lincoln (he’s having a building named after him n’everything).

You can find out about his opening lecture here:

RadioTalk from Radio Production in the North

Part 2 of our world tour takes us to sunny Salford, where Trevor Dann is joined onstage by Ashley Byrne (Made in Manchester), Denis Nowlan (BBC Radio 4) and Kerry McGeever (BBC Radio Wales) to talk about the issues raised by the conference, including commissioning in the Nations and Regions, partnerships and the abandonment of the preferred suppliers list.

And Producer Heather talks to some of the delegates to find out why they’re there and what they’ve learnt.

Available on the Radio Academy site and on iTunes.

This was our first TDC day-out. We were delighted by how the independent sector welcomed us into the collective bosom.

RadioTalk live from RadioDays Europe 2011

This week RadioTalk was recorded live on stage at RadioDays Europe in Copenhagen.

Representing the UK, Trevor Dann was joined by Christopher Franzen (Frank Otto Medien / FMZ) from Germany, Marina Petrillo (Radio Popolare) from Italy, and Bjorn Bunte from Nokia to discuss the events of the conference.

There’s big news from Nokia, discussion about the issues surrounding DAB roll-out across Europe, an insight into the histories of both German and Italian radio, an exploration of why talk stations have had varying success across Europe and loads more.

Podcast produced by Heather Davies. Photo by Rupert Brun. Available on the Radio Academy site and on iTunes.