Real Record Store Day 2013

On Record Store Day, Saturday 20 April 2013, independent musicians created a pop-up record store at a disused florist on Hackney Road in Hoxton to play music, sell vinyl and eat cake.

Through a series of interviews with music fans, Andy Scratch  explores what RSD ’13 means to people and asks if vinyl still has a place in the 21st Century.

This special podcast was written and produced by TDC’s Jamie Tayler.  The music comes courtesy of The Tuesday Club. Their album, exclusively available on white vinyl, is available now.

EXCLUSIVE Building Bridges The Art of the Middle 8 – Neil Cowley on Lazy Mozart

We’ve finished our documentary for Radio 4 about Middle 8s and we’re very pleased with it.

Unfortunately we couldn’t include everything, so I thought I’d share this gem from the cutting room floor. Neil Cowley, who plays piano on Adele’s monster album as well as fronting his own jazz trio, tells us a jolly story about the notoriously lazy Mozart and how his cleaner used to get him up in the morning.

Building Bridges – The Art of the Middle 8 is scheduled for tx on Saturday April 27th at 1030 am.

Midge Ure presents and the show includes contributions from Boo Hewerdine (who invents a new Middle 8 for a Bee Gees song which doesn’t have one), Justin Currie who unravels Always The Last To Know, musicologist Helen Caddick and journalist David Hepworth.